Four reasons Suicide Squad already looks like a winner

DC’s Extended Universe and its Suicide Squad inhabitants won’t see its cinematic debut until August 2016, but audiences are already eagerly awaiting the date. With the Comic Con trailer receiving a wave of applause from both critics and DC fans, and naysayers basically won-over, David Ayer’s foray into super villains and Belle Reve is looking set to be a box-officer breaker and audience favourite. Why are spectators expecting such a good production? Here, I give you four solid reasons as to why Suicide Squad is already channeling a winning confidence.

1) Bad-ass villains as the protagonists

There’s nothing wrong with watching Batman or Spider Man save their respective cities. Superheros are generally loved – Avengers: Age of Ultron‘s whopping $1.398 billion box-office taking exemplifies the pleasure and enjoyment audiences gain from watching their favourite good-guy serving up justice amongst the likes of Electro and Penguin. But, what excites viewers here, is the thought of the tables being turned as they get to delve deep into the makings of, and bat-shit crazy minds of, some of DC’s darkest criminals. In Ayer’s Suicide Squad fans will watch as the likes of Harley Quinn, Slipknot, and Enchantress protect society against rogue villains – they might be being forced to do it by some super seedy government officials, but its all relative. No longer the characters you are meant to loath, you’ll be invited deep into their clique, as their back-stories and criminal enterprising become the centre focus of Ayer’s feature.

2) An ensemble cast to rival the best in old and new talent

the cast of suicide squad

the cast of suicide squad

Not to suggest that Will Smith and Viola Davis are getting old (ahem), but Suicide Squad boasts a stand-out cast of veteran acting talent, as well as a host of fresh new faces who have more then proved their worth on the silver screen. Performances that stuck out in the initial trailer include the apparent acrobat enthusiast Harley Quinn, played here by the compelling actress (and beauty) Margot Robbie – known for her Hollywood breakout in The Wolf of Wall Street – Mr Smith as marksmen Deadshot (get set for family flash-backs and a loveable rogue with this one), and – it likely goes without saying – Jared Leto as The Joker. Portrayed many times on the big screen by actors who were established for their diverse roles, the latter is an iconic character who is already loved amongst DC fans. Featuring for less then a minute at the end of the trailer, and seen in a still from the film, Leto’s Joker is Marylin Manson in look (soz, Marylin) and Heath Ledger-esque in sound. The difference here? It’s likely this clown will be R-rated, oh, and involved in a strange romance with Robbie’s Quinn – that adds a whole other dimension in itself. Jay Hernandez deserves a shout, too. Sporting facial tattoos and a bad temper (and that’s putting it lightly), the actor as El Diablo doesn’t feature too heavily in the initial trailer but the character is looking like one to watch come release.

3) The August 2016 release

It might seem like a bit of a weird reason as to why suicide Squad is promising big things, but simply, David Ayer and Warner Bros. Pictures aren’t rushing this one. It’s common that these big blockbusters get lumped with a huge budget, a short production process, and a quick release. Why? To bring in the dollar. It makes sense in terms of money-making, but it can often lead to a rushed, and lacking, final feature. What fans are seeing here is a good-looking and well-thought out trailer from a film that won’t meet its release for another year. If it’s looking like an epic at this stage, it’ll more than likely genuinely impress upon its debut – and look somewhat better than it already does. Good stuff, huh?

4) David Ayer taking the helm

The director attached as both helmer and writer basically speaks for itself. Known for critically applauded, and intimate explorations of strong character-driven stories, don’t expect an effects-centred feature. While it is likely that Suicide Squad will be effects heavy, fans won’t be left with all style and no substance, not with Ayer on board. Known for his South Central narratives in Training Day and Harsh Times, and last years war epic Fury, the director never does the same thing twice. Adding a new string to his bow with a comic book adaptation here, Ayer brings grit and adult content to the kind of adaptation that usually targets a youth audience.




Entourage trailer finally graces our screens

The moment has finally come that the trailer for Doug Ellin’s eagerly anticipated Entourage has dropped online. Lets all say ‘YAY’ in unison now. Featuring season favourites Jeremy Piven, Adrien Grenier, Jerry Ferrara, Kevin Connolly, and Kevin Dillon the trailer gives us a generous look into what audiences can expect from this filmic version of the beloved television series.

Entourage (if you are unfamiliar) ran for eight seasons and cemented itself as one of the best television drama/comedy series’ of recent years. Following Vincent Chase (Grenier) and his pals as they navigate the often tricky world of Hollywood, the show was overwhelmed with recognition and an Emmy (or six). Known for its mix of comedy and genuine drama, Entourage became a favourite amongst audiences around the world and often challenged the glitz and glamour lifestyle that L.A. has become famed for. The stand-out performance for many was Jeremy Piven as Ari, and to see his appearance in the majority of this first trailer is certainly something to be pleased about.

promotional still for entourage

promotional still for entourage

Beginning with a brief look at Vinnie‘s newest venture (futuristic sci-fi meets Project X if you like), which features an unexpected cameo from Calvin Harris, the trailer is dominated by scenes of partying, bikini-clad women and laugh-out loud humour (lets hope they haven’t used every comedic moment for the teaser). While this first offering gives little away concerning narrative, followers of the series will be a-buzz making educated guesses plot-wise; so, Ari did take that studio job – but what of his marriage? Are E and Sloan still going strong? What’s happened to Sophia and Vinnie?

With a tonne of questions and just over five months to go until the June 5th release date, audiences can gear up for the long-awaited return of Vince, E, Drama, Turtle and Ari. Expect profane language, egos galore and – hopefully – a lot of giggles.

The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies – trailer release

The most eagerly awaited blockbuster of the year, hands down, has to be this, The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies. Being the third, and final, installment in a series of films that has  captured the hearts and imaginations of millions, is a an important position to hold, and certainly looks as  though it will offer everything and more audiences are expecting. The final feature trailer has finally arrived, with a month until release, and scenes of battle and blistering effects dominate. The previous two have been journey movies, a bit like what we had with LOTR but with less action, and more family-friendly material. The first film, An Unexpected Journey offered up singing Dwarves and a naive, and untraveled Bilbo. The cinematography was as stunning as ever (everyone remembers the 48fps debate, but it certainly paid off) and being able to revisit Middle Earth, and some beloved characters was a treat all on its own. That’s almost all we needed in the first, and that’s pretty much all that we got (with some confusing plot-folds too, of course). The second, The Desolation of Smaug stepped up the game, bringing tense action (featuring Benedict Cumberbatch in his first performance capture role as the malevolent Smaug) and the pace literally picked up, as Thorin and company continued their trek to retrieve the Arkenstone.

the hobbit: the battle of the five armies

the hobbit: the battle of the five armies

For me, The Hobbit films have presented themselves as accessible material, for audiences that previously might not of been clued-up on the happenings of this fantasy world. The adventure theme has been wonderful through-out, the first two were joys to view at the cinema (the glorious effects can only fully be appreciated on the big screen), and Martin Freeman makes a wonderful Bilbo, as he strengthens and finds his feet away from his home, The Shire (a place we all wished we lived, right?). Desolation ended with the audience on tender-hooks I’m sure, with Smaug outwitting Thorin and co, and Lake-Town being his destination of wrath. Five Armies promises a return of Sauron and his terrifying Cockney (re-watch LOTR and you’ll know what I mean) Orcs and a battle of epic proportions, to not only take down Smaug, but for the Dwarves to take back their home. The Trailer featured Orlando Bloom’s Legolas and Evangeline Lilly’s Tauriel a-plenty, pulling some impressive skills against the hordes of mythical creatures coming to attack, as well as scenes of thousands of soldiers lined up, prepared to fight, which felt reminiscent of the best moments of The Two Towers.

The trailer opens with Bilbo reminding Thorin of a promise he made, and Luke Evans’ Bard the Bowman blaming him for the ruin brought upon his town. These moments bring the feeling of a poignant end for a series of films that have been in the hearts of viewers for over thirteen years. The final trailer was released sixteen hours ago, and has already received over two million views – which tells you everything you need to know. This series of films would have to do something extreme with the narrative, or characters, to alienate a legion of fans. And I’m almost certain it wont. December 17th sees it’s release in both 3D and IMAX, and you can watch the trailer here: