Southpaw – the trailer

This week on Filmfookingcrazy is all about trailers. I love a good trailer – who doesn’t? I’ve come across a lot of articles in the past about great trailers, and films don’t quite live up to them. While I could sit and rant for ages about teasers that I loved, and features that didn’t deliver, today’s short ramble is going to be about the up-and-coming boxing drama Southpaw. Anton Fuqua’s film looks promising, and the trailer is looking even better – lets talk through why.

While the initial trailer gives away what most seem to think is the whole film – for Rachel McAdams’s part in the feature is obviously short – Fuqua’s drama appears to encompass a lot more then meets the eye. Themes of grief, family and respect (to name but a few) seem to dominate the trailer, and Jake Gyllenhaal as Billy “The Great” Hope looks on form as a disheveled champion fighting to re-gain his title – and his life. Known for bringing a level of sentiment often missing in many male actors, Gyllenhaal looks as though he channels the rough edges and emotion he is so applauded for in his role here.

Soundtracks are always key, too. Not just in the finished product, but in the teasers and trailers leading up to it. Southpaw doesn’t let us down and boasts its own single. Sung by Eminem and named Phenomenal, can we expect the same come the end of viewing Fuqua’s film? Gritty urban backdrops serve their purpose as a reminder of the underbelly of boxing and Southpaw looks set to be a stand-out in an array of sport dramas that have weaved in and out of cinemas over the past decade.