Memento To Receive The Remake Treatment

Remakes are popular in the world of cinema. It must be that whole idea of making a quick buck. If done right though, remakes can be a smart move. Soon audiences will see a high-def Point Break reworking and in the next couple of years it will be Christopher Nolan’s Memento. Fun fact: director Nolan and his brother supposedly chose the order of chronology for the feature by throwing a deck of cards with the scenes on down the stairs, the order in which they fell is how the narrative played out. Smart, ey?

guy pearce as leonard in memento

guy pearce as leonard in memento

The big question here is why Memento next? At only fifteen years old, Nolan’s acclaimed thriller is relatively recent. Chosen by critics as one of the best films of the decade following its 2000 release, Memento was honored with Academy Award nominations and garnered an impressive box-office profit; this alone demonstrates the remake as a financially smart move in the world of cinematic reworkings. Remembered for its nonlinear plot-line and exploration of various themes, Nolan cemented himself as a director to be taken seriously with the feature and has gone on to direct some of the best flicks of the last ten years – does anyone understand Inception yet?

Who will helm the project? AMBI  Pictures have claimed the rights to the story and have justified their reason for playing around with the original because Memento has been consistently ranked as one of the best films of its decade.” Can they capture that response with dipping a toe into the murky world of amnesia and murder or will the brilliance of the original be caught up in glitzy mainstream film-making? Time will tell! Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below.

28 Months Later Could Actually – Finally – Be Happening

It’s kind of been a Chinese whisper for some time now – and by sometime I mean years – that Danny Boyle and Alex Garland would one day return to their London-set horror story of eye-gauging and Zombies that seemingly aren’t dead. This week, those whispers went up a notch as Oscar-winning director Boyle actually acknowledged them. Let’s all collapse in excitement together at the prospect of 28 Months Later now, shall we?

cillian murphy in the chilling opener to 28 days later

cillian murphy in the chilling opener to 28 days later

Boyle seems to love a better-late-than-never sequel too, with the announcement that Trainspotting 2 will be the directors next priority following the release of the eagerly awaited biopic Steve Jobs. But, that’s totally unrelated. What I – and I expect, collectively, we – are excited about is the idea that a third 28′ film could be hitting cinemas sometime in the near(ish) future.

The want for another installment in the gory franchise has been a universal agreement since the first film, and to hear some sort of verbal commitment (sorry Boyle, you can’t back out now) is a pretty thrilling revelation. Meanwhile, writer and Ex_Machina director Garland is working on the script which has been under way on and off for some time. Here’s what Danny boy had to say when he chatted to Indiewire:

“It’s in a process at the moment and I wouldn’t have any inhibition about being involved in it at all”

See, solid yes right there.

I’m certainly excited, and surely it has to be better than the disappointing 28 Weeks Later. Time will tell, but my guess is that the film will see a release date with or without Boyle attached as director. Let me know your thoughts in the comments box below!

Actor Profile: Michael B. Jordan

From cult football drama Friday Night Lights, to political true-story Fruitvale Station, Michael B. Jordan, currently the hottest ticket in the film industry, never does the same thing twice. Diverse, bold, and exceptionally talented, Jordan is on his way to super-stardom (which should arrive some time after Creed does). Don’t wait around to see him first then, have a look-see at his back catalogue, which demonstrates the actors filmic smarts thus far.FRUITVALE

Despite the re-boot of Fantastic 4 not sitting so comfortably with audiences or critics, don’t let that cloud your judgement on Jordan himself, who won five awards for his performance in Ryan Coogler’s Frutivale Station – yes, five for one performance. At only 28 years old, Jordan has starred in ten feature films – eleven when boxing drama Creed makes its debut – and eighteen television series’, with acclaim for his roles as Vince in Peter Berg’s FNL, Oscar in Frutivale‘, and Steve Montgomery in hand-held sci-fi Chronicle.

Not just making waves amongst spectators, Jordan is becoming a firm favourite within the industry itself, teaming up with Ryan Coogler for the second time on Creed – a film which is produced by, and stars, Sylvester Stallone. Despite being in the early stages of his film career (in terms of playing leads), the actor has played roles in an array of acclaimed dramas, including the Idris Elba-led series The Wire.

Having just signed on to join Josh Boone’s Pretenders, expect plenty more in the way of distinct roles from Michael B. Jordan, an actor intent on making a name for himself – and a career – in this coveted industry.

Leonardo DiCaprio and pal Martin Scorsese team up for Devil In The White City

Long-time collaborator’s Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese are set to pair up once again, this time for an adaptation of The Devil In The White City: Murder, Magic And Madness At The Fair That Changed America. The novel, written by Erik Larson, is based on the true story of American serial killer Dr H. H. Holmes and was released in 2003 to a plethora of acclaim.

Industry favourite DiCaprio acquired the rights to the story in 2010, and now, five years later, production is finally in sight. With the actor and pal Scorsese attached, there was an auction – or as you can imagine, some kind of brawl – over who would distribute the movie, with Paramount coming out on top.

The true-life story takes place in 1893, and centres on both Holmes and architect Daniel H. Burnham. Billy (The Hunger Games) Ray will pen the screenplay, with the feature marking DiCaprio and Scorsese’s sixth cinematic collab. The pair have previously worked together on Gangs of New York, The Departed, and the 2014 memoir adaptation The Wolf of Wall Street.

In a daring role – and one which sticks to DiCaprio’s want to stray from convention – could this be the film to clinch that Academy win for the repeat nominee? Answers on a postcode.

Cobain & Winehouse documentaries set for release this year

Everyone appreciate a music biopic. More then a music biopic, everyone loves a music documentary – especially when it focuses on an instrumental member of the industry. This summer sees the release of two pivotal films about the lives of two musicians who changed the face of music.

First up for a cinematic release (followed by a television premiere on American network HBO on the 4th May), Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck. Directed by Oscar nom Brett Morgen, the feature length documentary promises to explore Cobain’s life with a never before seen intimacy, with archive footage and unheard songs which are reaching the public now for the first time. Morgen has coupled animation with interviews and home video to portray Cobain how he was to his friends and family – and how he has never been seen before by his hoards of loving fans around the world. ‘Montage of Heck had it’s premiere at the renowned Sundance Film Festival and initial word has been positive. Get set for a whole lot of eye-opening footage – and a few tears – as the world gets ready to finally learn a thing or two about Kurt Cobain.

After the frenzy calms down, audiences can prepare for the up and coming Amy Winehouse documentary (yet untitled) set for a July 3rd UK cinematic release. Asif Kapadia has taken the helm as director, with a look into the troubled singers life both personally and professionally. Winehouse became a British treasure during her time as a musician, when she won six Grammy’s and an Ivor Novello Award along with a host of others. Since her death, a statue has been erected in Camden and her family have set up The Amy Winehouse Foundation, a charity in aid of her memory to help those suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. There is no trailer as of yet for Kapadia’s film, which will surely shortly follow this most recent update. Expect unreleased songs, yet-to-be-seen archived footage and some heart-rending personal accounts from those closest to her.




the week’s new releases

This is a new weekly concept I’m trying out – stalking the internet for anything film related that you guys, my awesome readers, might be interested in. Lets give it a go, shall we?

Trailers: This week we’ve had an array of new trailers (mainly of films that attract a large female audience) to set our eyes on – from Kenneth Branagh’s attempt at a live-action Cinderella and the sequel to the 2012 success, Pitch Perfect 2. The latter’s online reaction has been positive, with most excited at a return from Ana Kendrick,Rebel Wilson and the rest of their singing cohorts. If you were a fan of the first (or kinda’ liked it, but weren’t entirely sure on why everyone found it so bloody funny) then the sequel looks to step things up a notch, with more jokes and more crude behavior (don’t pretend you don’t love it). Cinderella, a production from seasoned director Branagh, who has previously tried his hand at Shakespeare (which is not really that far removed from this) and everyone’s favourite monster Frankenstein, is a pretty self-explanatory picture; prepare for love and heartache. Again, initial reaction has been great, and with Helena Bonham Carter starring as the Fairy Godmother and Cate Blanchett as Lady Tremaine (the wicked stepmother), this isn’t going to be some low-grade adaptation. However, having said that, this type of film tends to only draw in a niche audience (those Disney lovers of course), but I’m holding out hopes this will be one for the masses. (Quick note: during the trailer I was all like ‘how cheesy is this’, then up pops Richard Madden, aka Jon Fricken’ Snow and the game has just changed). Lily James is starring as the protagonist of the title, and having made waves already in the Brit film industry (with productions such as Fast Girls and Broken) this is her biggest role yet. And there’s no pressure on playing the most-famous Disney character of all time, is there? Looking at the trailer though, and James’ wrap sheet so far, it looks like this is a rising star moment. Both films will be released in 2015 (May and March respectively).

DVD releases: Releases this week include the tear-jerking romantic drama If I Stay, starring the star of the moment Chloe Grace Moretz as Mia, a teenager in a fatal car crash. The film is an adaptation from Gayle Forman’s weepy novel of the same name, and while critics came at it from an angle of attack (what meanies), box-office wise the film was a hit. If you’re going to give this a go, get your tissues at the ready. Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was released earlier in the week, and featuring a return from Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba and Rosario Dawson (plus a host of new characters and great actors, my personal favourite being Powers Booth) this is going to have to be on your top list of ones to buy. Following the five act formula set out in the first, expect A Dame to Kill For to be an entertaining follow-up to the first, rather than an art inspiration of cult success.

Other news: In other news, Moretz has apparently been signed up for the third (and let it be final) X-Men: Apocalypse as a young Jean Grey. And there are whispers of Rosamund Pike (now a house-hold name after her turn in Gone Girl) having joined The Mountain Between us (a project still in pre-production, based on a young couple and their survival after a plane crash), with everyone’s favourite biker Charlie Hunnam (thank you for saying no to Fifty Shades). The film will be directed by Hany Abu-Assad with the release date TBD.

You can watch the trailers for all of the new releases here:

– Cinderella: https:

Pitch Perfect 2:

– If I Stay:

Sin City: A Dame to Kill For:

Let me know what films have got you excited by dropping a comment in the box below!


Quentin Tarantino set to retire

Rumors are flying that Tarantino, a cult director known for directing some of the best cinema of the past twelve years, is set to retire after the filming and release of his up-and-coming Western The Hateful Eight. While at a Q&A for what is said to be his last release, Tarantino made comments about his future in the film industry; “I do think directing is a young man’s game, and I like the idea of an umbilical cord connection from my first to my last movie. I’m not trying to ridicule anyone who thinks differently, but I want to go out while I’m still hard.”. While many may find themselves forlorn at the thought of no more Tarantino, the directors idea of going out gracefully is certainly admirable.

quentin tarantino

quentin tarantino

Starting his career off with Reservoir Dogs (1992), Tarantino’s career fell into place after working in a video-rental store. During this time he worked on scripts based around narratives he believed an audience would be interested in, and first became a screenwriter, (co) penning Past Midnight (1991) and later (after his feature debut) True Romance (1993). Writing, directing and starring in ‘Dogs cemented Tarantino’s directorial style as one which is both favored by audiences and beautifully (or more appropriately, violently) unique. Two years later came Pulp Fiction, a firm favorite for many Tarantino fans, and the film that gave the director world-wide acclaim, as well as art-house success. Following ‘Fiction Tarantino was involved in sixteen more features, as either a writer, producer, director or actor (titles include his collaboration with friend Rodriguez for vamp thriller From Dusk Till Dawn and personal favorite Jackie Brown).

While his career took a slight U-turn after the popularity of the blood bath franchise Kill Bill (2003 and 2004 respectively), Tarantino reclaimed his title as king of mainstream indie cinema with his spin on World War 2 seen in Inglorious Basterds, and his slavery-themed Western Django Unchained. Known for his use of music, his violent aesthetic and the use of narratives that are often controversially violent, Tarantino has given us a selection of films that range in narrative, location, and time. While I’m of the opinion that Kill Bill is over-hyped, and Jackie Brown under-appreciated, the auteur has catered to audiences whims, and produced cinema that both challenges and entertains. Disastrously off the mark, or right on the money, you never get something in-between with this classic director.

The Hateful Eight will be released next year, and will star long-time collaborator Samuel L. Jackson in a story that doesn’t sound too far removed from that of Django. Let me know what is your favorite effort from Tarantino, and your opinions on his sudden retirement plans in the comments box below.

Terminator: Genisys – what we know so far

The Terminator franchise is one of the most beloved, and arguably popular, in cinematic history. Starring Arnold Schwarzenneger in a role he was born to play and originally directed by one of the most successful directors of the past twenty years, James Cameron, the first two Terminator films sparked a frenzy in audiences’ around the world. Thirty years after the success of the first film, which contained some awe-inspiring effects for that time (1984, if you aren’t familiar) Skydance Productions are now teasing fans with a new installment, which so far promises a return to the spectacular form of Judgement Day.

So, what do we already know? Well, not a whole lot thus far, but some educated guesses can be made. Genesis means origin, so with some canny re-spelling the Terminator team have given us Genisys; that’s right – we’re heading back into the past, before liquid metal T-1000 came about, and before the end of the world occurred. A step in the direction of happenings audiences’ are yet to see means a new cast (always controversial). In a franchise that has spanned thirty years, a new cast for each film is generally to be expected (particularly because of the time span of the narrative), Arnie is always on hand to provide that familiar face though (phew). So right now you can expect to see Emilia Clarke (or Daenrys Targaryen to most of you), Matt Smith (of Dr Who fame, of course), Jason Clarke and Lee Byung-hun (the star of the cinematic masterpiece A Bittersweet Life). With an up-and-coming cast that are more up then coming, what can be expected of the plot you ask? Again, shaky. But expect elements of re-writing the wrongs that have been done, lots of blowing up of motorcycles, cars and robots and some stonking one-liners along the lines of “I’ll be back”, (its OK to dream, right?). With a rumored release of July, 2015 there’s plenty of time for artwork to be released and teaser trailers to be pondered on. Can’t. wait.