Nashville season 3 – the story so far

This article contains spoilers!

If, like me, you’re already a fan of Nashville then you’ll be in the same mind in thinking that season two seriously fell flat. Season three is now on its third episode, and certainly looking more promising. The soap-style cliches, which all but ruined season two have been put aside and the humor has been brought back to life. Love triangles and songs of heartbreak still remain the best parts of the show, and its good to see the likes Jeff Fordam (head of Edgehill) loosing his power over those beloved characters. Whats happened so far? Well, the bomb dropped when it came out that Juliette has a bun in the oven (aka pregnant), Rayna chose Luke, for now (now known as Ruke, or Layna), and Scarlett and Gunner’s relationship looks to be stepping up a notch once again. The best part of all this continues to be the array of country music written especially for the show, and the actors who sing those songs so well. Connie Britton, as Rayna, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette and Charles Esten as Deacon remain firm favorites and Esten’s ability to make you both resent and love Deacon is certainly impressive.

The problem I, and many others have had in the past with this show, which always starts so strong but tends to fall at the last hurdle is the overwhelming number of episodes per season. Twenty two episodes is a hell of a lot, and the feeling of story-lines being dragged on too long as well as  finding yourself disliking characters is the price to be paid. However, if the originality of season one (and the early days of season two), can be brought back, season three will be a triumphant return to country form.  And you might just find yourself singing along, and downloading those records.