The Walking Dead season 5, episode 2

This weeks episode of The Walking Dead, Strangers, was a sort of food for thought episode. A new character was introduced (for how long, we never kn0w), and as a man of the Lord there were definite questions to be raised concerning Beth’s disappearance in the back of a Church car. For now, the group are taking sanctuary in the Reverend’s Church, but what secrets is he keeping, and are they safe? As is usually the answer in WD, probably not. In the final moments of this weeks installment Bob was seen in a precarious situation, and the biggest shock was left until then to spark your enthusiasm to watch again next week (not that there should be any doubt in your mind, anyway). Even more disturbing was the presence of the Terminus lot who we all assumed had died along with their base, and it seems they are out for blood, literally.

rick and darryl from amc's the walking dead

rick and darryl from amc’s the walking dead

The great thing about WD, and what makes it so consistently good is its ability to make you feel. We are being allowed the pleasure of following a group who have been through a hell of a lot, and we’ve been there with them experiencing it all. The violence of the  Walker scenes never take over from the importance of what is at the center of this programme; the characters (it is after all a study of people, and their reactions to a world gone wrong). A lot of people gave up with WD after season two, the series which focused mainly on Rick, Hershel and the others while they had time to come to terms with everything that had happened to them while being in the safe vicinity of the farm. Some of the best moments, like the growth of Darryl and Carol‘s relationship, and Hershel‘s previous life as an alcoholic were all on display, and really rather wonderfully. Season five seems to be finely balancing similar junctures like this, with the horror of the Walkers and the Terminus crew.

Four Walls and a Roof, next weeks offering, is eagerly anticipated. And its only Monday.

The Walking Dead season 5 – No Sanctuary

Season five of The Walking Dead is back, and with a bang. The death toll was high, there were walkers-a-plenty and the group were reunited (yay, at last!). No Sanctuary, the on point name of this weeks pilot episode was all about humanity, or more accurately, lack of.  Rick and the gang were pitted against the monstrous leaders of Terminus, the destination the group were headed in season four. All became clear pretty imminently that were was no sanctuary in this once train terminal, and that the group needed to get their thinking caps on quickly to escape the hell on earth they had arrived to. Que Rick and Darryl being as bad-ass as ever, Carol working her way back into the hearts of the audience and of course, as always in the best of The Walking Dead, a few tears.

The Terminus situation was quickly, and violently wrapped up making way for what looks to be an on-the-road story. The strength of WD lies with the characters, and the cast who play them. Rick, Darryl, Michonne, Maggie, Glenn, Carl..the list goes on, and five seasons in they are as perfect as they’ve always been. As mentioned, this episode was all about the humanity, and loss of humanity that the survivors of this apocalypse are coping with. You’ve got the group at Terminus; so wounded by their past experiences that they are even worse then the Walkers, killing the living to survive. Interestingly, this episode saw Carol regain some of her inner strength and soul, a poignant moment between her and Rick where she thanks him was enough to make you swiftly forgive her bad choices and welcome her back. Tears were shed in the final moments, when Rick and Carl discover Judith has been being looked after by Tyreese, and at that moment a glimmer of hop

the gang return for season five of the walking dead

the gang return for season five of the walking dead

e for the group was had. Oh, and the return of a character no one could forget puts this episode up there as the best pilot the show has had yet.

Stylish as ever, and pretty damn realistic considering the subject matter, No Sanctuary brought The Walking Dead back, and on staggeringly impressive form. A week feels way too long to wait for the next installment, but for now guesses can be made at whats in store over the next few episodes. The poster for this weeks episode read “Hunt or be hunted”; season five looks to be the grittiest yet. Welcome back.