1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die

For my 24th birthday I was gifted 1001 Movies You Must See Before You Die; a comprehensive guide to the best motion pictures ever made. Essentially a mammoth collection of blockbusters, art house cinema, independent gems, animated delights and everything in between, the book is every film fan’s must-read.

Perusing the list I realised two things: one) I must see more movies, and two) not one of my carefully selected eight favourite films are included. My initial conclusion was one of dismay, for did this mean my taste in cinema sucked? Am I a terrible student of film? Hell no. What it does mean is this; there is a whole world of great films awaiting me, and film is all about taste. General Editor Steven Jay Schneider perfectly pinpoints the true delight of film, suggesting it simply boils down to individual opinion, for one person’s cinematic perfection is another person’s idea of trash.

So, in my 24th year I aim to watch as many new films as possible, included in this epic guide to great motion pictures, and expect to see my top eight evolve as I go along. I’ll share my thoughts on each film in a 250-500 word write-up, and if you’ve seen these films too, let me know what you think.

I’ll begin my 1001 series with write-ups on some of the films included that I have seen, beginning with Ang Lee’s triumphant Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon; a flick that managed to bring world cinema to the mainstream, and rather brilliantly too.


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