Ash vs. Evil Dead – Gore and Giggles Never Gelled So Well

Ash vs. Evil Dead has been an anticipated series for me since I saw the initial trailer. While Fede Alvarez’s 2013 remake was too out-there for my tastes (and in honesty, too scary to sit comfortably with me too), Sam Raimi’s new comedy-horror series, distributed by Starz, looked set to be a fun thrill ride that leaned towards the cheesy humour of chainsaw arms rather than the questionable adage of mutilating trees.

bruce campbell as ash in ash vs. evil dead

bruce campbell as ash in ash vs. evil dead

Following the first installment (yes, I am three episodes late in watching), it’s safe to say that Raimi has made the right choice in allowing this series to be one that doesn’t take itself all that seriously and therefore allows wit to lead first with moments of horror following second. The latter additions are genuinely scary and the former are of laugh-out-loud quality; combined these give viewers of Ash vs. Evil Dead an all-round television experience that is light relief following Alvarez’s dark and uncomfortable film reboot.

Bruce Campbell leads the series as the titular character Ash. He’s seedy, charming and hilariously un-pc, Campbell is an on-screen genius and he revels in his chance to take the lead once again. Supporting the veteran of the Evil Dead universe is young blood Ray Santiago as Pablo and Dana Delorenzo as Kelly. The trio have an enjoyable chemistry and it’s this alone that has propelled me to want to keep on watching this unique and nostalgic series. Think of Ash vs. Evil Dead as a tribute to the 1980’s; dive bars, questionable outfits and a memorable score – it shouldn’t work, but it does. Somewhat facetious and hilariously over-the-top, if you don’t overthink the narrative too much, you’ll love it.

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