1,001 Movies (But Not Really)

by filmfookingcrazy

In the spirit of updating my blog more frequently and throwing something a lil’ bit different into the mix I turn towards Empire’s 1,001 Movies To See Before You Die in the vain to create a new series of features that analyse, explore and review, some of the best films ever created.

From 1920’s flicks that suffered under the rule of the Hays Code to zany art-house world cinema that hide under the flock of mainstream hits, I aim to cover a wide array of cinema and genre classics that I am yet to cast my eyes upon.

The idea is to do at least one film a week and I will be picking just a few from each decade – so, not literally 1,001 movies but several features – starting in the 1920’s and going right up to contemporary movies – that stick out like a sore thumb to me in that they really need watching. I’m totes excited.

If you have any suggestions of what needs to be viewed by someone who counts themselves a film aficionado, holla’.