We’re Making A Documentary!

Making a film has always been a dream of mine. I would often write little synopsis’ of random narratives when I was younger, but none of them ever went further than a few hundred words on the setting. Now, I am so determined that that won’t be the case this time.

I studied documentaries in my second year of uni and I was instantly fascinated by the field, I went on to write an essay that bagged me my highest grade of my entire degree and from there my interest in the genre of film-making continued. And, I’m now in the research phase of creating my very own feature length documentary! Exciting stuff.

The film will explore female gang culture and crime within the UK and the effect and involvement of young women in this lifestyle. I’m currently working with my very talented freelance writer sister Leonie and film aficionado and social media genius Peter on the logistics. Me and Peter are pretty certain on how we want the feature to look and we are all certain that this will be an unbiased look into an unexplored sector of British urban life.

Gangs have, of course, been explored in various documentaries and non-fiction films but never necessarily from the perspective of female groups, and that is what is exciting me most about the project thus far. Today I have been hurriedly and enthusiastically collecting articles and key names and I am thrilled to think that this dream could – no, sorry, will – be a reality.

The film will be primarily funded by Kickstarter, an amazing start-up that allows backers to donate their pennies to people like us who want to eagerly create something fresh, new and original. We are currently working on our campaign (these things definitely shouldn’t be rushed) and looking for skilled people within the industry who can work their magic behind a camera and in the post-production suite. But for now, the ideas are buzzing about and we just can’t wait to start the journey.

If you are based in the UK and know your stuff in photography, cinematography, sound or editing please give me an email at robynomahonyfilms@gmail.com


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