Miss You Already trailer sets high expectations

Can any of you think of a better, quirkier female duo than that of Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette? No, me neither. Both actresses are known for roles in an array of indie and mainstream cinema from Little Miss Sunshine, Whip ItMuriels Wedding and Fever Pitch. Two of the most talented names in the industry, Barrymore and Collette have been in the business of stellar performances and memorable characters for over two decades, and Catherine Hardwicke’s up-and-coming Miss You Already promises just the same. The film currently stands as a filmic female super team, and I like it.

Hardwicke’s film, written by Morwenna Banks, will tell the story of long-term best friends Milly (Collette) and Jess (Barrymore) through the highs and lows of both their shared, and private lives. Following a shattering diagnosis for Milly, audiences will watch as the pair cope with the news together. The film co-stars The History Boy’s Dominic Cooper and The World’s End‘s Paddy Considine. The trailer is looking good, with laugh-out-loud moments present and an undertone of emotional subtlety hovering somewhere amongst these. There are also a great selection of scenes that exemplify the on-screen chemistry the female leads share. Director Hardwicke is well-known for her diverse work behind the camera, and Miss You Already looks to be a step in a different direction for the helmer of skateboard biopic Lords of Dogtown and controversial drama Thirteen.

If the feature film hasn’t been told entirely through the trailer then expect fantastic things from this comedy-drama that hits screens September 25th in the United Kingdom and November 6th in the US.

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