American Horror Story: Hotel, can the anthology series be saved?

While the fan following is still generally strong for the FX horror series, AHS has floundered some what since its 2011 inauguration. Murder House set the bar high, and since the twists and turns, enigma, and captivating performances from those involved, Brad Falchuk and Ryan Murhphy have seemed to drift away from the stellar character-driven narratives of season one (and two if you could stomach the gore) and head into the deep, dark depths of strange-ville.

Focusing on visual horror and uncomfortable sub-plots that often lend the viewer to ask “Was that a bit too far?”, American Horror Story descended into snuff porn and gruesome effects in season four, with Freak Show turning off a number of viewers. Series three didn’t do the show any good either, with the audience divided as Coven became a feminine tale of love and revenge. Can Hotel combine the elements of series one and two to give viewers an all-round, genre-busting season that leaves the disgusting visuals at home? Or will the departure of Jessica Lange leave a dent in the once-exciting television romp? Let me know in the comments box.



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