The Walking Dead – Spend, review

The cracks are starting to show in Alexandria. Certain members of the community aren’t entirely how they seem and issues such as domestic abuse are being brought in to remind those watching that while this may be a post-apocalypse world, its still the world. These things exist. Zombies or no zombies. Its been an up and down ride with these new episodes; some shining with a genuine intensity that is reminiscent of some of the classic features of this genre (this weeks even reminded me a little of Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later). Some struggling to live up to their predecessors. Spend – yes, another ambiguous title – has managed to pick the second half of series five out of its stupor and back to life. The pace is slowly but surely starting to fasten and the enigma surrounding the Alexandria tribe is coming to light. Its exciting stuff, really.

Monday nights episode saw Glenn, Noah, Eugene, Tara and new boys Aidan and Nicholas go on a scavenge for solar panel repair parts. As is usually the case with these things – it doesn’t go well. Be prepared to say goodbye to a main player as questions of morals and reliability comes to light. Back in the walled town, Carol makes a discovery about one of the seemingly wholesome families and Father Gabriel continues to remind us all why we wish Rick had just left him behind at the food bank. There’s a whole lot going on and that seems to be the running theme at the moment – all or nothing. Last week’s Forget may as well of belonged in a pre-watershed family drama, Monday nights fits well and truly in the adult sector. The latter is when WD is on top form.

With only two more episodes to go the plot continues to thicken. Who can be trusted, and who will make the first move in destroying this idyllic life that Deanna  is so desperately clinging on too? The answer to that is no one really knows (well, unless you’ve read the comics but just keep that quiet, yeah?) and that’s the genius in Robert Kirkman’s The Walking Dead – the unexpected.

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