The Walking Dead: Remember, review

The Walking Dead has reached a seminal moment; the group are finally all together and in a ‘safe’ enviornment and – most shocking of all – Rick has no facial hair left (its going to take some time to adjust). Jokes aside, this week’s episode was the best so far of the newest offerings and reminds us all why we love these characters so much. What’s especially enjoyable is the constant reminders that the narrative is born out of comic book storytelling, and its little asides in Remember – such as Rick in a police uniform and Daryl tentatively carrying around his cross bow – that remind us of this. The seriousness of Kirkman’s creation on television has always been questioned, but for fans (and even new viewers) WD should be held up as a treasure of contemporary television drama. Entertaining but never corny, scary but never intimidating, and more importantly a strong contender for one of the best Zombie creations ever without bordering on cliched. It’s not all perfect, but it’s pretty damn close.

What’s the story this week? Rick and co’ have made it to the closed-off community in Alexandria. Seemingly normal (with room for a Governor-esque character) the group settle in well, if not a little cautious. With one or two altercations, it boils down to the them or us narrative which has been brewing over several seasons when it comes to the introduction of a new clique. This week it was Andrew Lincoln at the helm. The actor has been the driving force for a while, with characters such as Daryl, Abraham and Maggie fading into the background. When it comes down to it this is an ensemble show and the main weakness is the successful combination and screen time of all involved. The arrival of new characters means these beloved personalities could suffer even more from sharing their story.

Finally picking up the pace and with a malevolent tone hanging in the background, Remember has set the precedent for what is to come in the rest of season five. With a 90 minute final episode just revealed, expect plenty of twists and turns.




One thought on “The Walking Dead: Remember, review

  1. I’m also jokingly expecting the longer than expected finale to have an extra long recap of the season, starting with the destruction of Terminus. I like Deanna as a leader. I’m not sure why they gender swapped her with Douglas from the comic, but it’s not an issue, really. And the beard…can’t really discuss this episode without addressing the beard. It’s like the writers remembered that Rick had a face! It’s kind of refreshing to see him back to the smooth, cleaner look we saw him with in Season One.

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