Nashville season three – a return to form

We are now seven episodes in to season three of the country-music based drama Nashville, and damn is it getting good. The cliches of soap dramas have been dropped, and some fantastic songs mixed with great in-depth character stories have been brought back to make this season as good as the first. Nearing its halfway point, its an exciting thought that there are still so many more episodes to come, and this is down to both the excellent cast (Connie Britton, Charles Eston, Hayden Panettiere and more), and the continuing story-lines of those characters we have grown to love so much. Nashville, being a musical show certainly wont be everyone’s cup of tea – and trust me, when I heard the premise I was certainly skeptical. Despite this, the makers have a powerful prowess, and have managed (to a certain extent) to make this drama series a show for most, containing relatable narratives and a slice of the glitz-and-glamour lifestyle of the music industry, that everyone is interested in seeing.

connie britton as rayna james in nashville

connie britton as rayna james in nashville

In my opinion, the power and success television dramas continue to have, is based on three things; poignant moments, cinematic value and its ability to be unique. While Nashville doesn’t present itself as as cinematic as say Boardwalk Empire (a show of complete difference, but bare with me for arguments sake) or as unique as AHS or True Blood (at its beginning), it manages to connect with the audience with narrative spins now and again that remind you of the sheer brilliance of T.V. Some of the best spins from this show (and ones you have to check out, either through YouTube or, even go and grab that boxset!) include Juliette‘s (Panettiere) debut of Don’t Put Dirt on my Grave Just YetDecon‘s discovery that he’s a father, and one of my favourites – Gunner singing a song of heartache, after the death of his brother, where he simply says ‘This song is about the biggest heartbreak I’ve ever had.’ (and man do you feel his sadness). Season three is yet to give us a moment that is as strong as these, but its still up there as a show of great entertainment value.

While Nashville may not be your go-to programme when you’re in need for something deep and meaningful, it serves its purpose as a brilliantly entertaining ride, filled with great country music (trust me, even if you don’t like this genre of music, you’ll find yourself tapping your feet), and even better characters. The introduction of new cast members as people you both love and hate means the show keeps us on our toes through out, and lastly, but most importantly, its just fun. And the light relief of fun, and accesible T.V. is certainly needed now and again.

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