AHS Freak show: Massacres and Matinees

by filmfookingcrazy

The problem with this weeks episode of the new AHS series Freak show, was it bordered so far on the surreal that it was hard to take the majority of it seriously. The only moments of real interest, and in fact sorrow, came in the final half when a cruel injustice saw Meep wrongfully imprisoned and killed. Apart from these moving moments, which saw AHS at it’s best, Massacres and Matinees fell short, and is up there as one of the weakest episodes to date. Another problem with Wednesday nights episode, is it was so boring that it leaves you with little inspiration to wonder what will happen in next weeks installment; disappointment is certainly the right word here. Monsters Among Us looked hopeful, giving the audience just enough insight about the protagonists that we were intrigued to see what’s to come, but little about the clown antagonist and his past to add the horror element the show is so obviously famous for. This unique series, like every season there has been, is the most out-there yet, and perhaps not in the fascinating way it first seemed.

This weeks offering welcomed new characters, que Angela Bassett (the shining star of Coven) playing hermaphrodite Desiree, and newbie Michael Chiklis as ‘strongman’ (and murderer) Don Teledo, Desiree’s frightening, and clearly unforgiving husband. These two provided some of the only interesting scenes, as they made themselves firmly at home in the camp, despite the reservations of Jimmy and his bearded mother (there’s a history there). If Freak show can restore itself in the episodes to come, this could prove to be one of the best yet, but if it continues to follow a formula that feels all to familiar, what are meant as shocks and twists could just become the same old. Next weeks preview looks to step things up, and lets hope so, because if AHS gives us more of the same, ratings could see a dip.

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Chiklis, Laing and Peters in American Horror Story Freak Show

Chiklis, Laing and Peters in American Horror Story Freak Show