Terminator: Genisys – what we know so far

The Terminator franchise is one of the most beloved, and arguably popular, in cinematic history. Starring Arnold Schwarzenneger in a role he was born to play and originally directed by one of the most successful directors of the past twenty years, James Cameron, the first two Terminator films sparked a frenzy in audiences’ around the world. Thirty years after the success of the first film, which contained some awe-inspiring effects for that time (1984, if you aren’t familiar) Skydance Productions are now teasing fans with a new installment, which so far promises a return to the spectacular form of Judgement Day.

So, what do we already know? Well, not a whole lot thus far, but some educated guesses can be made. Genesis means origin, so with some canny re-spelling the Terminator team have given us Genisys; that’s right – we’re heading back into the past, before liquid metal T-1000 came about, and before the end of the world occurred. A step in the direction of happenings audiences’ are yet to see means a new cast (always controversial). In a franchise that has spanned thirty years, a new cast for each film is generally to be expected (particularly because of the time span of the narrative), Arnie is always on hand to provide that familiar face though (phew). So right now you can expect to see Emilia Clarke (or Daenrys Targaryen to most of you), Matt Smith (of Dr Who fame, of course), Jason Clarke and Lee Byung-hun (the star of the cinematic masterpiece A Bittersweet Life). With an up-and-coming cast that are more up then coming, what can be expected of the plot you ask? Again, shaky. But expect elements of re-writing the wrongs that have been done, lots of blowing up of motorcycles, cars and robots and some stonking one-liners along the lines of “I’ll be back”, (its OK to dream, right?). With a rumored release of July, 2015 there’s plenty of time for artwork to be released and teaser trailers to be pondered on. Can’t. wait.

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