RIP Robin Williams

Waking up to the news today that comedian and acting legend Robin Williams had passed away was quite simply, shocking. When actors and known personalities die it effects those who watched their films and familiarized themselves with their work.; Robin Williams has left behind such a body of work, such a brilliant mark on the world of film and T.V that his passing has effected so many, almost as though they knew him. From Good Morning, Vietnam, a film that makes you both laugh and cry. To Mrs Doubtfire, a childhood favourite of many. Whatever film it was, or comedy sketch he performed, Robin Williams brought laughter and happiness into the lives and homes of people of all ages. He inspired a generation of comedians, and will continue too even after his passing. Williams leaves behind a wife and three children, who in their heartbreaking loss will be somewhat comforted by the huge number of tributes.

In such a shocking time as this, the illness that has apparently caused Williams’ passing should be brought to attention. Depression is almost a taboo to talk about for most people, something which is never taken that seriously and almost put to one side as though its not life-threatening or unhealthy, like other illness’ are. Depression, as has been seen today, is deadly. Never be ashamed to talk about how you feel, Robin wasn’t, he was seeking help but his poor heart couldn’t take life anymore. Robin Williams wouldn’t of been ashamed, so you shouldn’t. Talk openly about your issues, because someone (whether that’s a friend, parent or doctor) will be there with open ears.

Robin Williams, thank you for bringing joy to the childhoods, and lives of billions of people all around the world, for picking us up in our times of darkness with one of your many beloved characters, and for inspiring many of those who still continue to make us laugh. May you rest in peace, and never be forgotten.


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