The Basketball Diaries

Havent blogged in a while as nothing as really motivated me to do so, however I just watched The Basketball Diaries and just…wow really.

The film tells the real life story of Jim Carroll, now a poet, musician and performer back in his youth he became addicted to heroin. The film tells the story of his downward spiral into addiction, taken from his book named The Basketball Diaries.

I’ve been wanting to see this film for some time, i was off put by a few people telling me it was a tough watch etc but today i finally decided to just watch it. And to be honest it blew me away, Leonardo DiCaprio gives what i think is one of the best performances of his career and the fact he wasnt recognised at the Oscars for this confirms my thoughts that they really don’t dish out awards according to acting talent. As the film went on and his addiction worsened the audience is immersed the whole time, feeling the pain which he feels, the highs, the lows and the times where he doesn’t even know what he’s feeling. This is all conveyed to the audience clearly, with the use of dreams and Jim’s (DiCaprio) poetic narration.

The use of a rock/punk soundtrack and the urban background of New York city helps to give the film the gritty feel it’s after and just make the atmosphere of the film all the more dark, dirty and tense. We’re taken places in the film you’d never want to go, even in your worst dreams – drug dens, public toilets used for prostitution. All these elements of addiction are there and in your face, because as i said before its like we’re addicted with the characters, we feel their pain. The difference is we want to get clean but they don’t.

See this film,

Addicton grabs hold of the three young characters

that’s a command.


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