Daybreakers review!

Off I went to the cinema to see this impressive looking vampire film left thinking: Why the heck wasnt that an 18?..

The year is 2019 and a vampire plague that originates from bats has swept over the world. Instead, however, of letting this effect them humanity have embraced it. But with only the few humans left farmed for blood, starvation is on the horizon.

The film began with a jump, literally. I jumped out of my seat as did many others in the cinema. This theme of jumpy horror continues throughout the film but doesn’t dominate so we were allowed to relax and enjoy. And i have to say, i mostly did enjoy it. The main characters were likeable and the plot was backed up so it was  semi-belieavable.

With an impressive cast consisting of Ethan Hawke, Willem Defoe and Sam Neil the acting was above average as well as the script. The only thing i did have an issue with is how people just seemed to walk in and appear out of no where which left me wondering, a) how they got in and b) how they knew the main character lived there. Another thing i had a slight issue with was the violence. From the beginning the film was a blood bath with flinging body parts an’ all.

All in all it was an enjoyable, interesting storyline that

Ethan Hawke kicks vampire ass in Daybreakers

satisfied throughout (if not a little too gross)



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