Zombieland film review! (:

In an America over-run with Zombies two guys Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson) and Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg) team up to reach their destinations. On the way they meet sisters Little Rock (Abigail Breslin) and Wichita (Emma Stone) and they all learn a little something from each other, of course with a lot of laughs.

I was excited about the arrival of this film from the trailer. It looked funny, smart and basically the american version of now cult classic Shaun of the Dead. But i was wrong. Very wrong. It’s not trying to imitate anything, its its own cool creation. And lets just get one thing straight: it is cool. And thats down to the four leads, the whole film is them giving us a master class in how to act. The two stand-outs though are Breslin and Harrelson. They’re both fresh and funny and what i like about this film is all characters are likeable, and despite running for a mere 81 minutes by the end you care about what happens to them.

The script is witty and the film is shot in some very cool locations, the ending taking place at a theme park (I’m sure you can imagine the cool effects used here). As before with Sin Nombre the only thing I didn’t like was the short running time! I wanted it to be longer. At the end Columbus hints at a sequel, and i am

Tallahassee and Columbus work their zombie killing techniques

seriously hoping that with happen!

Fun, funny and touching at places. It has it all.



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