Twilight Saga:New Moon review!

This Twilight sequel brings us another intense romance that again  may be too much for some…

Carrying on from Twilight, Bella and Edward are happily in love but when Jasper tries to attack Bella at her party Edward leaves town. What ensues is the story of Bella’s slow recovery back to normal life with the help of pal Jacob Black. But he may just have a secret too.

New story, new director, which let me tell you i’m not keen on. If there is going to be a series of films keep the same director, at least for continuity. But after Hardwicke turned the offer down what can you do? So welcome Chris Weitz (not for long because he isnt directing the third one either). If the name isnt familiar then his films might be: About a Boy and The Golden Compass are his most known works. Maybe we should forget the latter, for the fact that they got rid of the things Weitz most wanted in there.

Anyway, he does a decent job on this and i did find it enjoyable, and if i was writing it on just how much of a fan i am on the whole saga (books an all) then it would be a 5/5 definitely. But i’m not. This review is solely for the film, and everything’s in order again, the same town, same characters (with some new additions) ect. However there is continuity errors. The vampires eye colour has changed, which i dont think would happen in the world of vampirism, and Bella’s house looks quite significantly different.

These arent massive problems though. The good acting is still in check, espically Taylor Launter (Jacob) who not only has real talent but has put on a LOT of muscle! And of course the beautiful beaches of Forks (actually Vancouver) and the script is impressive. At times it felt a little slow and i dont think parents will be too impressed with the angst of it all. The soundtrack features some good artists though, notably Muse which adds to the feel of the film.

Bella and Jacob grow closer in New Moon

I enjoyed it and so will millions of saga fans out there. But Twilight was more impressive just for its different take on a teenage film.



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