Inglorious Basterds (2009) film review!

This violent, but witty movie will have lovers and haters….but i’m a lover!

In Nazi – occupied France, a young jewish girl and a group of american jewish troops both plan to take down the Nazis, in their own unique ways.

Quentin Tarantino returns, some might say (myself included) back to top form, with his remake of this war tale. Despite WWII normally being a bleak subject he amazingly has managed to add some humour.  And of course once again wrote an awesome script which has great stand-out lines. One of these lines comes at the end of the film while Brad Pitt carves a Swastika into a rather nasty (and insane) Nazis head, this line reads ‘I think this might just be my masterpiece. ‘ This for me is the funniest line, however there must be about fifty others that are just as funny.

Along with the great script is a fab cast. Brad Pitt puts on a Southern accent and dons many-a weapon, Eli Roth plays the nutter ‘bear jew’ (who beats Nazis with a bat) Diane Kruger is a German film star and Christopher Waltz is the insane Hans Landa. Many others also add extra star quality. But it has to be said that Waltz and Pitt steal almost all the scenes they are in.

Not everyone will be a fan of the violence though. Although it’s not all the way through when it’s there, it’s really in your face and slightly cringy. Having said that though, it doesnt ruin the film. The film is in three languages (four if you include the brief Italian) and has great set

Brad Pitt and Eli Roth as Lt. Aldo Raine and the Bear Jew


It’s clever, smart and very cool. I can almost guarantee you’ll love it.



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