Fame! film review (:

by filmfookingcrazy

Great, happy film!!! Maybe too much for some people but not for me…

Fame! centers around different students at New York Performing Arts. We see their good and their bad from their first year to their last.

From the moment it began i loved it and i’m not ashamed to say it!

The talented cast of Fame!

The talented cast of Fame!

It’s so enjoyable. As well as being able to act the cast have amazing spine-tingling voices and through the songs manage to capture the hearts of the audience. Yes, some people may see it as cheesy but personally i thoroughly enjoyed it. The whole soundtrack is modern music from different genres.

I was worried it might be one of those films where they just burst into song but luckily there was none of that! (its only allowed in Grease). I found it realistic as well e.g a young aspiring dancer is told he isnt good enough (not everyone is) and that adds to the real feeling.

A fun film thats both happy and sad while still being realistic.