Terminator 2 review!

Amazing! Pure movie genius from James Cameron….

In Terminator 2 the grown-up John Connor sends the terminator from the first film back to the past to protect him as a teenager so he can lead the resistance against Sky-Net in the future. However a more advanced, liquid metal terminator is sent to kill him.

Okay i know that this film is from the 90’s and I’m ten years too late to write a review on it but i don’t care! Its brilliant and in case some of you may not of watched it then please put it on your list. James Cameron produces movie magic in this action film that owns its previous ass! Arnold  Schwarzenegger returns as the reformed bad guy to save John Connor (Edward Furlong) with the help of beefed up Linda Hamilton playing a scary, vision haunted Sarah Connor.

The effects in the film are way beyond their years and they couldn’t be improved, even not now. Everything about this film is good, the acting, the effects, the story, the script the list goes on and on. Edward Furlong is the original and best John Connor.The new Terminator salvation

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the too cool for school Terminator

Arnold Schwarzenegger as the too cool for school Terminator

is very poor compared to this. The effects aren’t even as good as T2’s!

If you are going to see a terminator movie see this one!



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