Lesbian vampire killers review

The cast of Lesbian vampire killers

The cast of Lesbian vampire killers

This film really disappoints……..

To tell you the truth i was rather excited about going to se

e lesbian vampire killers not because of the killing or definitely not because of the lesbians but because of James Corden and Mathew Horne who i thought were comedy geniuses…..how wrong i was.

It was one of those films where the trailer is better than the actual film. I was really disappointed and after watching it i then realised why it had been given other bad reviews. Lets face it i didn’t go in there expecting movie magic but at least i wanted something that could show off British comedy but after half an hour i was literally falling asleep. The script wasn’t laugh out loud funny and the acting was poor. This film would of been so much better if it was written by James corden but it wasn’t.=[

To sum up it was one of the worst films i have seen this year so far but that’s not what i wanted to say about it.



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