Shaun of the dead film review

This film is so hilarious, the jokes are thick and fast and the script is really well written, i can tell this is going to be an easy review…..

Simon Pegg and Nick Frost star as best mates who live together but when Shaun’s (pegg) girlfriend breaks up with him because of Ed (frost) and the fact that the only place they ever go on a date is the Winchester (the local pub) he finds himself depress

Pegg and the gang in Shaun of the dead

Pegg and the gang in Shaun of the dead

ed. After hearing about his best mates recent breakup Ed takes Shaun down to the pub to drown his sorrows and tell him to move on but the next day some weird zombies seem to have inhabited Britain and the only thing Shaun can think about is his ex girlfriend Liz (Kate Ashfield). Can he save the day?!

This is definitely a spoof but unlike scary movie it isn’t an overdone ridiculously gross spoof, yes it does have moments of the eww factor but not in every scene. There are some brilliant comedy moments and i would say that this is one of the best British comedy’s in years!! Pure gold.



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