Brad Pitt profile

by filmfookingcrazy

This is a profile bursting with information of one of Hollywood’s biggest actors, Brad Pitt.

Number of films:34 including 4 announced and 2 in post-production.

Awards:22 wins and 41 nominations including 2 Oscars nominations.

Most succesul and critticaly acclaimed films:Fight club, Snatch, Oceans Eleven, Troy, Oceans Twelve, Mr and Mrs Smith, The assassination of Jesse James the coward Robert Redford, Burn after reading and most recently The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

Brad Pitt and Guy Ritchie on the set of Snatch

Brad Pitt and Guy Ritchie on the set of Snatch

Brad Pitt as well as being a massive star himself has worked with some very high profile directors and actors including:Wolfgang Petersen, Guy Ritchie, George Clooney and Benicio Del Toro. He has just starred in a film directed by acclaimed director, Quentin Tarantino which premiered at the Cannes film festival.  It is safe to say that Brad Pitt is a HUGE star.