William Shakespears Romeo + Juliet Film review

Baz Lurhman (the genius) has given us an AMAZING update of the bards classic tale of doomed love and family feuds. Leonardo Dicaprio and Claire Danes star as the star crossed lovers who meet by chance at a party and fall head over heels in love!

There are a couple of differences in this film, Verona has been changed to the hip Verona beach and swords have been swapped for guns but Baz Lurhman still manages to keep the original Elizabethan text. Shakespeare fans may have been disappointed with this modern update but you cant fault the amazing imagery and the attention to detail.

Some parts of this famous play have been left out including Romeo and Paris’s fighting at the end but i don’t think any of that matters, what matters is that the strong story is still there, the key moments are still there and this film should still be there in peoples minds long after they watch it.

With a contemporary soundtrack and an all star cast including Pete Postlethwaite and Brian Dennehey Baz Lurhman brings you a new but still classic version of the worlds most famous love story Romeo + Juliet.


The classic quote from Juliet

The classic quote from Juliet


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