Con Air film review

This is such a cool film in my opinion, it has everything you could want and expect in an action film, and those things are: Nicolas Cage, explosions and a lot of crashes. Yes these are cliches but who cares? (I don’t) Con Air is good fun. It has a good screenplay, a good cast and it doesn’t get boring thanks to the non-stop action.

Nicolas Cage stars as a parolee on his way home but unfortunately for him his way home happens to be on a super plane filled with some of Americas craziest and deadliest in-mates and even more unfortunate for him they manage to take over the plane which leaves him in a sticky situation.

John Malkovich is fantastic as a deranged inmate who will do anything to escape and so will his fellow criminals who leave him in charge. With Steve Buscemi also putting in a good (but very weird) performance this is a cool action film that stands by the old traditions of the genre but comes out the other end with good results.


John Malkovich as Cyrus 'the virus' grissom

John Malkovich as Cyrus 'the virus' grissom


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