28 days later first review!

28 days later poster

28 days later poster

Just to clarify this isn’t a zombie film!!!! I am getting soooooo tired of people calling it that.

Now that little moan is out of the way lets get down to the good stuff, 28 days later is a very stylish sci-fi horror from brand new Academy Award winning director Danny Boyle (Best director, in my opinion EVER!!!) He teams up with Alex Garland (guy who wrote The Beach) who provides a very good and cool screenplay.

Cillian Murphy, Naomi Harris, Brendan Gleeson and Megan Burns all star as survivors who are uninfected from the ‘rage’ virus which has decimated England, I would say this is more of a survival story than a non-stop gore fest but it still has some pretty ewww factor moments. Scenes of a desolate England are shocking and shot with mostly hand held camera and not much CGI which is very impressive.

You’ll find that there isn’t one moment in which you get bored in this film because it provides a great story and a cool soundtrack, It definitely deserves more praise than it received, but saying that it wasn’t unsuccessful and it even has a sequel ( A LOT MORE GORY) and a third is on its way according to IMDB.

All in all a really good British film that defines the horror genre for what it really is and shines through with home grown British talent.



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